Returning Citizens

Imagine living in a community where no matter what mistakes you've made in your life, you are given a real second chance if you truly want it. A community where we look past a person’s history to see who they are despite their past choices and recognize them as citizens that can be valuable contributors to a business.
One of the most frequently cited and dispiriting statistics about the American criminal justice system is that more than half of state prisoners end up returning to prison within five years of their release. This is called recidivism and it is when a previously incarcerated person repeats or relapses into their former undesirable behaviors. A lack of positions and career trajectories for the formerly incarcerated has a very direct impact on recidivism. With no other options many of these men and women return to what they know in order to survive.

Quaker City Coffee Company provides job opportunities and connections to providers offering training and support (see Our Partners) to formerly incarcerated individuals, with the goal of ensuring a holistic transition to becoming contributing members of our community.

Imagine our community as one that takes those many people, once doomed to fall back into a life of crime, and teaches them how to succeed, build stable families, and strengthen our neighborhoods.

We at Quaker City believe that by making a conscientious choice with your next cup of coffee, you can have a positive effect on countless lives in our area.